Plant Protection

Plant fungal, bacterial, virus diseases and their management, weeds and management, pesticides, integrated disease and pest management, postharvest crop pest, pathogen and plant associations, biological control; other subjects related to plant protection



Production and breeding of vineyards, fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants, protected cultivation, postharvest physiology, storage and marketing, horticultural crop physiology, genetics and improvement, seed technology and production, organic production; other subjects related to horticulture,



Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Botany, Cell, Ecology, Genetics, Limnology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Pathology, Physiology, Sociobiology, Structural biology, Zoology, other subjects related to biology.


Nature and Environment

Alternative energy, Biological Diversity, Ecological degradation and ecosystem restoration, Watershed management, Ecosystem, Environmental toxicology, Environment and urbanization, Environmental education, Environmental law and philosophy, Global climate change, GMO, Pollution, Sustainable agriculture and rural development, Tourism and environment, other subjects related to Nature and Environment


Food engineering

Food chemistry, food microbiology and food biotechnology, nutrition science, fermentation technology, milk, meat, fruit and vegetable products technology, cereal and other field crop products technology, and other subjects related to food engineering


Landscape architecture

Landscape planning, landscape design and management, natural and cultural resources planning, and other subjects related to Landscape architecture


Aquaculture and Fisheries

Water quality and pollution, fish and fishery biology, fishing technology and fisheries management, processing technology, aquaculture, fish diseases, and other subjects related to Aquaculture and Fisheries


Agricultural Economics

Agricultural cooperatives, agriculture policy, agricultural marketing finance, agricultural extension and business management, food economy and management, rural sociology, international agricultural trade, natural resources, environmental economy, and other subjects related to Agricultural Economics


Agricultural machinery and technology engineering

Agricultural machinery, precision agriculture, ergonomics, engineering design and modeling, renewable energy, livestock technology, bioenergy and biofuels, sustainable agriculture, and other subjects related to Agricultural machinery and technology engineering


Agricultural biotechnology

Agricultural biotechnology, molecular biology and genetics, bacteriology, genetic engineering, bioinformatics, enzymology, and other subjects related to Agricultural biotechnology:


Agricultural structures and irrigation

Irrigation, drainage and land reclamation, water management, water quality and salinity, land consolidation, hydrology, climate change, agricultural shelters, and other subjects related to Agricultural structures and irrigation:


Field crops

Cereals, edible grain legumes, industrial plants, meadow pasture and feed crops, field crops physiology, field crops breeding, seed technology, organic production, and other subjects related to Field crops:


Soil science and plant nutrition

Soil physics, soil chemistry, soil biology, soil fertility, fertilization, plant nutrition, soil quality, remote sensing methods, soil and water pollution, soil and water conservation, and other subjects related to Soil science and plant nutrition:


Animal Science

Animal production and breeding, feed and animal feeding, biometrics and genetics, animal health and other subjects related to Animal Science

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